Time sure passes by in the blink of an eye eh? The month of July has just sneaked up upon us, and you know what a new month brings, right? If you said “the chance to visit the coolest office in town and have coffee at the same time”, you get one gold star from us! It’s time for Coffee with Nuffies again :)

If you haven’t yet heard about our monthly Coffee with Nuffies… well, where have you been?! Here’s a little refresher: Every month, we invite a few Nuffnangers to our office to have a look at how we Nuffies work (MTV and Band Hero are involved), and also get to ask all the burning questions they might ever have about Nuffnang. Last month, we had Vince, Adrian, Samantha, Cheryl and Henry over for coffee, and we chatted about everything under the sun and twisted a fork so it was all in spirals… ah, it’s a long story.

Besides serving good coffee, we also get one of the Nuffies not from the Blogger Relations Department to tag along for coffee to share what it is they do at Nuffnang. This month, we’re featuring Yuen Yee , one of the Account Executives!

Yuen Yee is one of the Nuffies in charge of bringing in all the ad campaigns that you Nuffnangers see on your blog. Not an easy job, that!

Some fun facts about Yuen Yee:
- Has a massive crush on Hrithik Roshan (no, seriously. Try saying his name in front of her and see what happens)
- Used to work as a Starbucks barista; maybe she’ll make coffee personally if you ask nicely? :P
- Is very easily distracted by food of all types
- Loves discount shopping; no more than RM 50 per piece of clothing please

Details for the Coffee with Nuffies session this month are as below:

Date: 16 July 2010 (Friday)
Time: 4.00 pm – 5.00 pm
Venue: Nuffnang KL office

If you’d like to drop by for this session, just drop us an email at with your name, blog URL and contact number. Who’s up for coffee


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